10 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private Residence


  • 1939 - 1956 — Homan the Florist, owned by Henry J. Homan
  • 1937 - 1939 — New London Florists, owned by Henry J. Homan and Shirley R. Hemmings

Building History

This building was erected as a flower shop called "New London Florists," opening in April of 1937 by Henry J. Homan (1900-1969) and Shirley R. Hemmings. In 1939 the partnership dissolved, and Hemmings took the name and moved to 270 Main Street. Homan continued a florist business here under the name "Homan, the Florist." He continued in the business until 1956. Extensive greenhouses were erected behind the wooden structure.

Photos & Images