41 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Angeli Real Estate


  • 2000 - White and White Real Estate; McCrillis and Eldredge Insurance
  • c. 1945 - property rented by Dr. Clough to Hale Sawtelle
  • 1930 - "Sampler Shop" built by Dr. Clough for wife, Bertha (Ross) Clough and Mrs. Thomas Parker
  • c. 1919 - land owned by William P. Clough, Sr. (1879-1958)
  • 1900 - farm of Gen. Joseph Clough (1826-1919)

Building History

Erected in June, 1930, by Dr. William P. Clough, Sr. for his wife, Bertha, and her friend, Lucy (Woodward) Parker (Mrs. Thomas O.) for their "Sampler Shop" offering gifts and lunches.[1] The Parkers left New London in 1931.

Rented to Hale Sawtelle (1889 - 1956) as a residence by Dr. Clough. Sawtelle came to New London in 1939 with his second wife, Gertrude Wescott, and worked as a night watchman.[2] Sawtelle's name appears on the Spiller maps for 1945, 1948, and 1954 at this site. His obituary states that he came to New London in 1932 and was a police officer at Colby Junior College from that year until he retired in 1948.[3]

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