52 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Barton Insurance


  • 2000 — Michael Chiarella, Attorney; Kearsarge TItle Company; Barton Insurance, and private residence
  • 1969 - 19?? — Owned by Sumner Woodward and Jim Moreland who operated their building company, Wesley B. Woodward and Sons, Inc. from here
  • 1960 - 1969 — Garage of Bob Lull
  • c. 1932 - 1960 — Garage and home of George (called "Joe") and Grace Dean; house erected c. 1932 and garage in 1938

Building History

This is another piece of property that was once part of the Jonathan Everett farm; then inherited by his son David in 1816, who sold it to James Morgan in 1852. Morgan sold it to Andrew Jackson Sargent in 1885, who sold it in 1924 to Fred A. Pressey. Pressey began selling off lots shortly thereafter.

This lot was sold to George Winchester Dean (1903-1959, who first built a house here, probably in 1931 or 1932 (when the Woodward house next door was being built in December of 1932, it was described as being between the Sargent and Dean houses — see 62 Main Street). Dean was an auto mechanic and service station owner. He married Grace E. (Gay) Dean in 1928, and they had two sons, Richard and David. Dean, who came to New London in 1924, worked for Little's Garage for 16 years, and then built and operated the garage at this site in 1938. An ad in The Speaker for June 1939, announces " 'Joe' Dean's New Service Station, New London." He continued his business here for twenty-one years.[1]

In 1960 Bob Lull purchased the garage, operating from this site until 1969, when he sold it to Sumner Woodward and Jim Moreland. They had a building company which operated from this site, primarily erecting residential houses.

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