101 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private Residence


  • 1932 - to c. 1957, owned by Fred Albert Pressey (1870-1957) and wife, Josie May (Chadwick) Pressey[1]
  • 1928 - to 1930, built for Perley A. Carson (b. 1900) and wife, Gladys May (Pressey) Carson, daughter of Fred and Josie Pressey, above.
  • land owned by A.J. Sargent (1885-1921)

Building History

Originally land of the Everetts (see 89 Main St.), this property eventually became owned by Perley Carson, a salesman, who was the son-in-law of Fred A. Pressey and wife, Josie. The house was built for Carson and wife, Gladys (Pressey) Carson in 1928. The Carsons left New London by 1930.[2]

Fred and Josie (Chadwick) Pressey resided here until their deaths — hers in 1950 and his in 1957. During these years Pressey was an undertaker, with business in the Odd Fellows hall.

Photos & Images


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