119 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Condominiums


  • July, 1959 - purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Urban Busch and Mrs. Edith Sherlock and converted to a nursing home known as New London Manor
  • 1923-1958 - New London Hospital
  • 1907 - 1923 - land of Fred A. Pressey

Building History

The Everett/Sargent land at this site was acquired by Fred A. Pressey c.1907. In 1923 when the New London Hospital had to vacate the Morgan House (Tracy Memorial Library building), Mr. Pressey donated enough land for a new hospital to be built here. Contractor and builder Reverdy F. Smith began work at once, and the building was dedicated on November 5, 1923. It cost $14,000. At this time it contained a ward with 12 beds, four private rooms, an operating room, X-ray apparatus, a laundry, and it used steam heat.

In 1936 a delivery room, nursery, dark room, and an elevator shaft were added. The hospital then contained 2 operating rooms, 3 wards, 5 rooms, a room for out-patients, living room, dining room, kitchen, nurses' quarters, laundry, and bathrooms. In 1942, construction began on the Barbara J. Baker Laboratory, established by Colby Junior College. In 1944 new X-ray equipment was acquired, and in 1949 an automatic sprinkler system was installed.[1] Studies for a new hospital began as early as 1946, and the present hospital was dedicated on August 18, 1958.

In July of 1959 the hospital became New London Manor, a nursing facility for 18 to 20 persons, with 15 rooms, established by Mr. and Mrs. Urban Busch and Mrs. Edith Sherlock. The Buschs had formerly owned Lakeside Lodge, and Mrs. Busch was a physical therapist. At this time, the kitchen was rebuilt and living quarters were established for the Buschs. The facility offered 24-hour nursing care. The home opened in March of 1960.[2]

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