<Insert #> Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private Residence and rental property of Sandra Rowse since 2007


  • 1986- Private residence of Walter and Marlene Graf
  • 1982- Private residence of David and Constance Pellerin
  • 1979 - Owned by the Pelfor Corporation
  • 1967- Private residence of Myrtle Crockett, second wife of Dura
  • 1942- Private residence of Dura Crockett
  • 1899- Private residence of Oren B. Crockett
  • 1859 -Private residence of Charles Crockett
  • 1835 -Private residence of Daniel Hobbs
  • 1834 -Private residence of John Fisk
  • 1802- Private residence Jonathan and Daniel Woodbury
  • 1790- Private residence of Lieutenant Benjamin Woodbury
  • Before 1790- Private residence and tavern of Ensign Nathaniel Everett (Everit)

Building History

  • The original pioneer settler Ensign Nathaniel Everett kept a tavern on the property which was said to have been the "headquarters" for transaction of public business.
  • Dura Crockett operated a dairy farm and ice cream stand from this property.

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