197 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Appletree Opticians


  • Wesley Nichols established Appletree Opticians
  • The Kearsarge Book Shelf
  • 1972 - Handworks - a crafts, fine arts, and foods shop
  • 1961 - 1964? - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chattelier operate Country Houses Real Estate business and sell insurance here
  • 1956 - 1963 - Guy and Grace Williams operate "The Four Seasons Gift Shop"
  • 1946 - 1956, "The Four Seasons," a gift shop operated by Miss Henrietta Riddell and her sister, Mrs. Helen R. Holcomb.
  • Hearse house, located behind the Edgewood Inn

Building History

Originally a hearse house, located behind the Edgewood Inn, the building was moved forward along Main Street around 1946 by Miss Henrietta Riddell (1896-1956) and her sister, Mrs. Helen R. Holcomb.[1] They converted the building into a gift shop called "The Four Seasons." In 1950, Dr. Squires noted that it was the "only such shop operated on an all year basis.[2] The sisters operated the gift shop for ten years, beginning in 1946. Henrietta also taught ballroom dancing at the New London Central School.[3]

In 1956, the shop was purchased by Guy Williams, Jr. and his wife, Grace, who continued tco ame here from Wollaston, MA and continued to operate The Four Seasons until 1961. In that year, they sold the little building to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chattelier, who located their real estate (Country Houses) and insurance businesses here. Alterations were made to the building at this time.[4]

In 1972 the shop was called "Handworks," selling fine arts, crafts, natural foods, and creative services.[5]

Photos & Images

Appletree Opticians

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