217 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Dunkin' Donuts


  • 2000 - Wildberry Bagels - Barry and K.C. Wright
  • Until March, 1994 - Dexter's Jewelry and Candy Shop
  • 1957 - 19?? - Candy House, owned by Ruth (Dodge) Noonan
  • 1951 - 1952 - Dentist Office of Albert I.MackIntosh
  • c. 1925 - c. 1951 - Home and shop of Homer Lockwood (1868-1951)
  • before 1925 - land of Ai Worthen (part of property at 207 Main St.) who sold it, and the original Charles Woodward carpenter shop on it to Homer Lockwood

Building History

The land on which this building was erected was part of the adjacent property at 207 Main Street. Charles Woodward had a carpenter's shop on the southern end of this property (built c. 1873?). When Homer Lockwood (c. 1869-1951) bought the property from Ai Worthen around 1925, the carpenter shop was moved forward toward Main St. to become the nucleus of Lockwood's house.[1] Mr. Lockwood had served in the Spanish American War where he contracted both malaria and typhoid, When he returned from the war, he was unable for a time continue his work as a plumber and carpenter and was caretaker at the Dixon Estate.[2] He was married to May (Kidder) Lockwood, daughter of A.J. and Mary Ann (Morgan) Kidder.

After Mr. Lockwood's death in 1951, the shop became the dentist office of Albert Ira Mackintosh (1877-1952). Born in Nova Scotia, Dr. Mackintosh studied at Harvard and practiced denistry in Massachusetts for sixty years before moving here. "He is remodeling and modernizing the house to meet his needs." His wife was Marie (Butler) Mackintosh. He lived only a year after coming here.[3]

Photos & Images

Dunkin' Donuts

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