235 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Chadwick's Funeral / IOOF Hall


  • 1904 to present - IOOF Hall and club rooms, second floor
  • 1991 - to present, Funeral business operated by Marion (1957 - ) and Charles Hafner (1957 - ) on 1st and 3rd floors
  • 1949 - 1991 - funeral business operated by Walton Chadwick (1924-20??), first as a partner of Fred Pressey and then Hafners join him c.1982
  • 1937 - building enlarged by a dining room and club room at the rear[1]
  • 1938 - 1949 - Lawrence S. Hale is Pressey's partner in funeral business
  • 1929 - Lodge leases first floor to Fred A. Pressey (1870-1957) who moves his funeral business there
  • c. 1904 - 1914? - meat market of Frank Mastin on first floor (with partners Dodge and Andrews at various times)

Building History

Heidelberg Lodge, No, 92, I.O.O.F., was organized on June 17, 1895 in New London, in "Sargent's Hall" (then used by the Grange) in the New London Inn.[2] The first regular meetings were held in "Armory Hall,"over the Town Hall, but it proved inadequate, and after the Grange moved to its new quarters, the Lodge moved into "Sargent's Hall" in the Inn until they could build their own structure. In 1904 Reverdy Smith was hired to construct this building, and the Odd Fellows dedicated the structure in December of that year.

The first floor of the building was rented to Frank Mastin (1874-1938) who had a meat market there. (He seems to have had partners named Dodge and then Andrews in his early years at the site.) At first Mastin had his slaughter house at one end of the barn, but when the sanitation laws changed, he built a separate barn for slaughtering. He had apparently moved out before World War I.[3]

In 1929 the lower floor was leased to Fred A. Pressey for a funeral home.[4] Earlier, in 1908, Pressey had purchased the undertaking business of Elmer E. Adams. In his new quarters, Pressey "transformed his undertaking rooms in the Odd Fellows Hall into very attractive funeral parlors which will easily seat 100 people."[5] By 1936 Pressey was also selling flowers in connection with his business. In 1938 Lawrence S. Hale became Pressey's partner, continuing until 1949. In that year, Pressey's nephew, Walton Chadwick, became Pressey's junior partner and bought out Hale's share.[6] The name of the home was Fred A. Pressey and Co.

Chadwick bought the business from Fred Pressey in February of 1957, changing the name of the firm to Chadwick Funeral Home. About 1982 he was joined by his daughter, Marion, and her husband, Charles Hafner, who continue to operate the funeral business. They purchased the business on January 1, 1991. They also have offices on the third floor of the structure.

The second floor of the building has always been the headquarters of the Odd Fellows. It contains a receiving area, a room for regalia, a game room, and a large lodge room.

Photos & Images

Chadwick's Funeral

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