253 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • 1995 - to present, Morgan Hill Bookstore, operated by Connie Appel and Peg Holliday


  • 1989 - 1994 — Cobbler's Bench shoe store, operated by Bill Steel
  • 1973 - 1988 — Miniature Department Store ("Mini-Dip"), operated by Joanne and Bernie Mayo
  • 1966 - 19?? — Miniature Department Store, operated by Charles H. Platt
  • 1960 - 1966 — Miniature Department Store, operated by Oscar and Helen Colburn
  • 1956 - 1960 — Rose Spaulding's Dry Goods Store
  • 1944 - 1956 — Edmunds Dry Goods
  • 1942 — vacant during WW II
  • 1932 - 1942 — The Colbyan Lunch, operated by Ervin P. Edmunds
  • 1929 - 1935 — Ray's Luncheonette on land acquired from Minnie Adams

Building History

Weston Ray (1895-1973) built and with his wife, Marie, operated "Ray's Lunch," the first real restaurant in New London, beginning in 1929.[1] Dinners cost 50 cents! He purchased the land from Minnie Adams. In late 1932 he sold it to Ervin P. Edmunds (1895-1992), who operated the restaurant under the name of "The Colbyan Lunch." In April of 1933, Edmunds hired Irving H. Davis, Jr. of Lynn, MA, as manager.[2] His wife, Fla, also worked there. A few months later the local newspaper reported, "The lunch room has been completely renovated, the slot machines removed, and new paint and curtains make it cheerful and inviting. Four booths and four tables placed near the windows to catch the breeze offer a pleasing choice for dining. and the food is well cooked, well flafored and well served. The delicious home-made pastry is fast achieving a reputation for its management."[3]

The restaurant closed during World War II, and Edmunds reopened the building in 1944 as Edmunds Dry Goods Store. It continued in operation until 1956, when it was purchased by Rose Spaulding, who continued its use as a dry goods store until 1960. In that year it was purchased by Oscar and Helen Spaulding, who called it the "Miniature Department Store." Mr. Colburn had previously worked for A.S. Little, and Mrs. Spaulding was a retired school teacher. The Colburns advertised that they sold women and children's clothing, shoes, toys, and linens.

In 1966 Charles H. Platt purchased the store from the Colburns. He had previously owned High Pine Lodge and the Wagon Wheel.

About 1973, the store, now called The Mini-Dip, was owned by Joanne and Bernard Mayo. They continued to sell sportswear, shoes, toys, and linens, but also sold sewing supplies. Joanne gave sewing lessons and sold quilts in the loft area.

1989 - The Cobbler's Bench - owned by William Steel (1940- ), moved into this store from the New London Shopping Center, where it had been in business since 1972. Steel remained in operation here until 1994. He sold the store to Connie Appel and Peg Holliday who opened the Morgan Hill Bookstore in 1995.

Photos & Images

Morgan Hill

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