256 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Commercial/Apartments


  • 2000 — Johnson and Dix, Sleeperbilt, Tasco Security
  • 1940 - 1979 — Home of Herbert Sargent Hayes and Theresa (Davis) Hayes
  • 1932 — Minnie Burleigh rents house to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hastings whose daughters operate the "Green Bottle" gift shop
  • 1921 - 1940 — Home of Minnie (Chase) Burleigh; she operated a tea room here in the long porch
  • c. 1919 - 1927 — Home of Cornelia (Smith) Chase Clough and after 1921, her daughter, Minnie (Chase) Burleigh
  • Built in 1897 by Serphina Morgan Philbrick; resided there from 1897 to 1919

Building History

"In 1897 Serphina (Morgan) Philbrick (1832-1919) "purchased a lot on Main Street and erected the pleasant house which is now her home."[1] Serphina was the daughter of James and Salana Morgan who lived at 89 Main Street in the old David Everett farmhouse, and she was a niece of Micajah Morgan. She was the second wife of John M. Philbrick of Springfield who died in 1880; they had no children. Serphina was a skilled maker of braided and hooked rugs.[2]

After the death of her husband, Gen. Joseph Clough in 1919, Cornelia (Smith) Chase Clough (1842-1927) moved here from the Clough Homestead. Their son, William Plummer Clough, had married in 1905 and in 1919 had just returned from service in WW I. The young couple had moved into the Clough homestead. In 1921, Cornelia was joined by her daughter from her first marriage, Minnie (Chase) Burleigh (b. 1868-c. 1944). Minnie had been "as tenderly cherished by her step-father (Gen. Clough) as his own children." Cornelia's mother, Rhoda Maria Smith, had lived at 195 Main Street, as did her sister, Elzina Smith Knowlton with her husband, and her brother, Reverdy Smith, lived nearby at 166 Main Street. Minnie Burleigh lived on here after her mother's death in 1927 until 1940 when she moved to California. She had a tea room here. In 1932, however, "The Minnie Burleigh home [was] rented to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hastings and family of Arlington, MA. Thier daughters, Helen and Barbara, who have successfully operated a gift shop for the last year in Arlington, have brought it to New London for the season. The Green Bottle was formally opened on Saturday, and tea was served."[3]

Minnie also rented the house for several years to Mr.and Mrs. Herbert Hayes who then bought it in 1940. Herbert Sargent Hayes (1900-1972) was a painter and was employed at Kidder's Garage for many years; his wife, Theresa (Davis) Hayes (1895-1985) operated a thrift shop from one of the upper bedrooms in the house. Their daughter, Arrolyn, reports that there was an privy attached to the back of the house when they acquired it; her father stored paint there. After Herbert's death in 1972 Theresa stayed on in the house until she moved to Extended Care in 1979.

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