259 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Four Seasons / Sotheby's International Realty (formerly called "New London Agency")


  • 1969 — New London Agency (real estate and insurance businesses) owned by the Lamson/Perkins/Wheeler family
  • 1964 — Variety Store owned and operated by Dewey (1897-1988) and Alice (Cusick) Mollomo (1904-1988)
  • 1954? — 1956 - New London Hardware store of Arthur Dorley (1921-2011)
  • 1953 — still owned by Adams; Hardware store of Sanborn and Miller
  • 1945 — owned by Myron Adams, First National vacant; apartments above
  • 1941 - 1945 — Ken Lord manages First National; apartment rented by Jack Burns and wife Albertina Towne Burns with her 9 children by first marriage
  • 1938 — owned by Myron Adams; Rene Trudeau manages First National
  • 1935 — lower floor empty and in possession of Myron Adams - leased to First National Store; Mrs. Fannie Adams resides here by 1929, as does Walter Heman
  • 1926 — sold to Minnie Adams (Mrs. Elmer)
  • 1924-26 — general store of Porter
  • 1911 - 1923 — Fred A. Pressey Store (with Byron Jones, 1911)
  • c. 1910 ? — Archie McInnis (c. 1862-1931) and Cecelia (Patterson) McInnis live in building; store still owned by Robert Knight
  • 1908 — building acquired by James M. Clark briefly (holds mortgage?)
  • c. 1905 — Robert M. Knight (1871-c. 1947) operates store alone
  • built 1904 by Reverdy Smith for Robert M. Knight and F. Linley Chase; store operated as "Boston Branch" for about one year

Building History

Built by Reverdy Smith for Robert M. Knight and F. Linley Chase in 1904 as grocery store owned by Boston Branch.[1] In a 1973 interview with Mildred Tunis, Frank Butler mentioned that Archie McInnis had a barber shop in the front and lived upstairs in the back and that Lee Welch had an apartment in the front upstairs; the date for their time here is uncertain.

In 1911 Byron A. Jones (1876-1944) and Fred A. Pressey (1870-1957) first operated a general store at the Four Corners and in 1911 moved to this site where they operated a dry goods store. By 1915 Pressey operated on his own until 1923. Someone named Porter ran the store around 1924-26. There were apartments in the upper story.

In 1926 the building was sold to Mrs. Elmer "Minnie" Adams (1860-1940). Various tenants ran businesses or leased apartments here. The apartment renters included Walter Heman, Mrs. Fan Adams, and later the Burns-Towne family. In 1935 Myron Adams, son of Elmer and Minnie, leased the first floor of the building to the First National Store. Around 1938 the store was managed by Rene Trudeau. Ken Lord operated the First National from 1941-1945.[2]

Photos & Images

New London Agency

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