260* Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Ellen's Interiors (Ellen Winkler), beginning 2003 at this site


  • Home of Clement Woodward Lovering and Jessica (MacKenzie) Lovering; Clem's mother, Jane Lovering with them
  • Home of George Chase Lovering and Jane (Woodward) Lovering
  • 1878 - 1900 — Home of Isaac J. Lovering and Susan (Clement) Lovering
  • 1868 - 1876 — Home of Susan C. Clement
  • 1856 - 1868 — Home of Baruch Chase Clement and Sarah (Wood) Clement
  • c. 1841 - 1856 — Home of Charles S. Sargent and Judith (Severance) Sargent
  • land of Capt. Jonathan Everett, Jr.

Building History

Capt. Jonathan Everett sold 1-1/2 acres of land to Charles S. Sargent on July 10, 1840[1] ; Sargent, (1817-1890) was the son of Stephen and Sarah Sargent, living at what is now the Peter Christian's site. Charles was married December 30, 1841 to Judith Severance (1818-1887), and the house was probably built just before or just after the marriage. Charles was a tailor, and "the building which formerly stood in the dooryard of the Isaac Loverin [sic] place was used by him as a tailor shop."[2] The Sargents moved to 370 Main Street about 1854, perhaps maintaining the tailor shop here until they completed a new store at 374 Main Street about 1855.

On October 16, 1856, Charles and Judith Sargent sold the "tract with all buildings" to Baruch Chase Clement (1799-1858). The property included "all the land I bought of the late Jonathan Everett."[3] Clement and his wife, Sarah (Sally) Wood Clement (1799-1868) had previously lived in the house Baruch's father, Benjaimin Moody Clement, had built (Littlefield house on South Pleasant Street). Baruch died in 1858 and Sally in 1868. Their house was inherited by their daughter, Susan (1835-1900), the only one of their seven children to remain in New London. In 1876 Susan married Isaac Lovering (1837-1899), a Civil War veteran who became a carpenter and painter. In 1889, we read: "Mr. Isaac Lovering, too, has caught the improvement fever, and a new barn, conveniently attached to his house in the rear, a neat veranda in front, are the result."[4]

Isaac and Susan Lovering's son, George Chase Lovering (1879-1937) inherited the property. George and his wife, Jane (Woodward) Lovering (1872-1961), had one child, Clement Woodward Lovering (1908-1989), who married Jessica (MacKenzie) Lovering (1911- ) in 1933. Jane's sister, Hattie Woodward (1878-1964), lived with them. Clement and Jessie inherited the house after Jane's death and brought up their two daughters here, the fifth generation of the family to live in this house.

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Ellen's Interiors

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