270* Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

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  • 20??-2011 — Art of Nature
  • 199? — music studio of Bill Wightman
  • 198? — Dr. Fred Salvatoriello, orthodontist
  • 1957 — Kristl's Fabric Shop, leased from the Loverings by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kristl
  • 1951 — Town and Country Shop, owned by Krans Department Store of Newport and managed by Mrs. Clement Lovering
  • 1940s — Jessie MacKenzie Lovering had a flower shop here; the telegraph office was also here
  • 1943 — Matthew A. Kristl had a carpenter shop here
  • 1940 — New London Florists, John Holteen
  • 1939 — Florist shop of Shirley Hemmings and John Holteen; Hemmings moved from New London in 1942
  • 1933 — cobbler shop of Harold P. Snow (rented from Loverings))
  • built c. 1932 by George C. Lovering; rented first as a delicatassen store; rented by Loverings at least until 1954

Building History

This structure was built by Mrs.George C. (Jane Woodward) Lovering (1874-19??) as a delicatassen shop in 1932.[1] Another source reads: "Mr. George Lovering built a shop adjoining his home on the village street which has been rented to Harold Snow as a shoe repair shop."[2] George Lovering (1879-1937) worked in the Four Corners store for over 35 years, while his wife, Jane, was a newspaper correspondent for the Franklin Journal Transcript, the Manchester Union Leader, and The New London News (the latter in 1933 and '34). Harold Snow, a shoemaker from Newfoundland, lived in New London between 1930 and 1940.

Shirley Hemmings, who opened New London Florists at 1 Main Street with Henry Homan in 1937, dissolved the partnership and moved the business to this location in 1939. Hemmings formed a new partnership with John Holteen, continuing the name The London Florists. In January of 1942, Holteen bought out Hemmings and continued in the business himself. In 1947 with the death of George Corey on S, Pleasant Street, New London Florists acquired Corey's greenhouse.[3]

A map of New London Main Street houses from 1943 indicates that Matthew A. Kristl is at this site. In Frank Butler's interview with Mildred Tunis in 1973, he recalled that Kristl had his carpenter shop here.

Jessie Lovering (Mrs. Clement, living next door at 260 Main Street) had a little flower shop here in the 1940s. Debra Lamson Perkins recalls that a telegraph office was also here.

The Town and Country Shop, managed by Mrs. Clement Lovering from 1951 to 1957, was a branch of the Krans Department Store of Newport. It specialized in women's wear, children's wear, and household merchandise.

In October of 1957, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kristl leased the former Town and Country Shop to open "Kristl's Fabric Shop." They stocked woolens, yarn, cotton and patterns, and Mrs. Kristl did dressmaking.[4]

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