280 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • McSwiney Law Office


  • 2000 — McSwiney, Semple, Bowers, and Wise law offices
  • 1945 - c. 1970 — Ruth (Pedrick) Lorden and Eugene Lorden
  • 1916 - 1945 — Sidney M. Pedrick and Nettie (Emery) Pedrick
  • 1913 - 1916 — Edward A. Todd (he d. 1914 and his widow, Alice, had it until 1916)
  • 1875 - 1912 — owned by Maria (Bunker) Messer; she took in boarders by 1899 to at least 1900
  • 1875 — owned briefly by John B. Shedd of Jaffrey
  • c. 1866 — built by Thomas Abbot
  • land of Micajah Morgan

Building History

This house was built by Thomas Burpee Abbot (1826-1905).who had lived in Springfield and married Mehitable, a sister of Andrew Jackson Kidder. He acquired the land from Micajah and Mary M. Morgan on November 3, 1865.[1] Ten years later, in August of 1875, Abbot sold the house to John B. Shedd of Jaffrey , and in November of that year, Shedd sold it to Sarah Maria (Bunker) Messer (1830-1912), widow of Joseph C. Messer, who had died in 1860. Maria, as she was called, had two daughters, the oldest of whom, Adelaide, had in 1879 married Moses A. Fellows, Jr., who was in partnership with the Russells at the Four Corners Store from 1878 to about 1882.[2] During this time, they lived with Maria. (One of the Fellows children was Maude Fellows Swift, born in 1883, who had early memories of living in this house). By 1889, Maria operated a boarding house called "Kraal"[3] and the next year called "Sunset View."[4] She was still taking in boarders in 1900.

After Maria's death in 1912, another son-in-law, Herman Russell, who administered her estate, sold the house in 1913 to Edward A. Todd (1854-1914) and Alice (Trow) Todd (1852-1943). Todd had recently suffered a stroke and left the family farm on King Hill to his son, Fred, and on the New London hill, made a "cozy, comfortable home" for themselves.[5] In an interview with Mildred Tunis in 1973, Frank Butler and she infer that an old house was moved from King Hill and was added to this structure at this time. Todd died in 1914, and his widow sold the house in 1916 to Sidney Moses Pedrick (1867-1944) and Nettie (Emery) Pedrick (1869-1945).[6] Pedrick was a cabinet maker and had a carpentry shop in the back of the house. He also served as a police officer in town for 21 years, the last five as Chief. After Nettie's death, the house was inherited by their younger daughter, Ruth (1905-1968), who in 1925 had married Eugene Leo Lorden (1899-1971). Ruth was a telephone operator and Eugene became a dairyman and gardener, after having managed the golf course at Willow Farm until 1941.[7]

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McSwiney Law Office

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