292 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Commercial


  • 2000 — The Lucas Group; Country Houses
  • Lapham Miller
  • 1951 - 1956 — Home of Martha Todd Sholes (wife of Karl, below) and her sister, Julia Todd; Julia lived here until 1966
  • c. 1940s — Karl M. Sholes
  • by 1899 — Elmer E. Adams
  • 18?? —- Samuel P. Towle
  • c. 1883 - c. 1892 at least — Martin and Hannah (Muzzey) Gross
  • 1864 — built by Mary and Nancy Hanaford, sisters of Joseph N. Hanaford

Building History

Joseph N. Hanaford sold this property to his two sisters[1] , Mary L. and Nancy Hanaford, who built this house; "Mary and Nancy to build and keep in repair all fence between them and Micajah Morgan." The two sisters "resided here for many years....Mary died in New London August 15, 1883, aged 87 years"[2]

Martin Gross "removed from Springfield to N.L. about 1877. He resided at Burpee hill... and also owned the Hanaford place near the Four Corners; removed to Croydon where Martin died Aug. 6, 1887."[3] His son, Rufus (b. 1829), married Elixabeth Spooner (a sister of Mrs. R. Maria Smith at 195 Main Street), and the couple "resided with the old people" and later in the cottage on the Colby farm.[4] On the Hurd map of 1892, "Mrs. Gross" is listed at the site; (Hannah Muzzey Gross or Elizabeth Spooner Gross?)

Either before or after Martin Gross, Samuel P. Towle (b. 1851) seems to have lived here, possibly renting. A teamster, he "resided in the ladies' boarding house, and later in the Hanaford cottage."[5] He had moved to Bradford by 1899.

Elmer E. Adams (1862-1935) and wife Minnie (Richardson) Adams (1860-1940) lived here by 1899 when Lord's history was written. Lord writes: "Their home is the Hanaford cottage, which has been greatly proved under Mr. Adam's ownership."[6] They appear here on the Hancox map of 1911. Elmer was a owner of the Four Corners Store from 1897-1907 and was postmaster from 1897-1915. He later operated an auto livery business.

Karl M. Sholes (1874-1951) and Martha (Todd) Sholes (1878-1956) lived here by 1943. Karl operated a taxi or livery service at this time. Martha Sholes "died at her home" on September 18, 1956.[7] Martha's sister, Julia Todd (1881-1966) a librarian for 4 years and then postmistress at Colby Junior College from 1934 to 1959, also lived here. She also served as a correspondent for the Argus Champion for many years. She died on October 3, 1966.[8]

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