Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Commercial/Apartments


  • 2000 — Dentist office - John Wilson, et al
  • Accountant office, Griffith and Davis
  • 1947-1971 — home, real estate, and insurance office of Seth Lamson
  • 1944-1947 — real estate and insurance office of Frank H. Cordtmeyer
  • 1941-1944 — real estate and insurance office of Richard Crossley
  • c.1907-1941 — real estate office and insurance office of Calvin Sargent (1868-1968)
  • 1897 — Merrill Robie sold to Luella S. Spofford
  • c. 1879-1897 — Merrill Robie
  • c. 1892 — Mrs. Lane (? - on Hurd map)
  • before 1872 — Gage Woodward (1809-1890)
  • Abial B. Everett (1824- ) — 15 years here (when?)
  • 1850 - 18?? — Alexander Lane (1830-18?? ), cabinet maker and shoe and boot maker
  • 1850 — land of Nathaniel C. Knowlton

Building History

This house was built in 1855 by George W. Everett for his brother-in-law, Alexander Lane.[1] George was married to Ellen Lane, Alexander's sister, in 1849. Deeds indicate that Nathaniel Knowlton sold 3 acres of land to Alexander Lane in 1850, including "1/2 acres of land that the chappel [sic] stands on Four Corners."[2] Alexander was married to Frances (Burpee) Lane, and is listed variously as a "cordwainer, cabinet maker, and shoe and boot maker" in several sources. Alexander Lane was in the Civil War, and mustered out in 1865. He later moved to Penacook.

Abial B. Everett (1824- ), George W. Everett's brother, resided for "fifteen years in the 'Lane cottage' on Main Street."[3] Sometime before 1872, Gage Woodward (1809-1890) left the Edgewood site (195 Main Street) and lived here, after which he moved in with his daughter, Hannah.[4] In November of 1879, Woodward sold the site to Merrill Robie, who retained it until 1897.[5] Oddly, on the Hurd map of 1892, the property is ascribed to "Mrs. Lane."

By 1907 Calvin Sargent (son of Andrew Jackson Sargent and grandson of Ezekiel Sargent) had established The New London Agency, a real estate and insurance business, at this site. It was also his home and that of his second wife, Louisa (Russell) Sargent whom he married in 1909. Sargent was in business at this site until 1941 when he sold it to Richard Crossley. "Real estate and insurance business of Sargent and Co. and the Main Street homestead of Calvin Sargent have been sold to Richard A. Crossley of Manchester and New London. Mr. Crossley took possession of the property and opened his office April 1."[6] In 1944 Crossley sold the home and business to Frank Cordtmeyer who lived and worked here for the next three years.

In 1947 Seth Lamson (1909-1996) bought the business and moved his wife, Mildred (Darrah) Lamson (1908-1971) and daughter, Debra here. Debra married Chandler Perkins in 1957, and he soon joined the business, becoming a partner in 1966. In 1969 the business was moved to 168 Main Street. Seth and Millie retired in 1971, selling this property soon thereafter.

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