Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • town parking lot


  • 1906-1942 - Colby Hill School
  • 1832-1906 - Red School House (District # ); by 1899 called Colby Hill School
  • 1804 - school built at Four Corners on land donated by Ezekiel Sargent
  • in front of the school c. 1900 were the hay scales for weighing

Building History

Land of Peter Sargent and later his son, Ezekiel Sargent.

Land given by Ezekiel Sargent for District School erected in 1804. April 9, 1804 money was authorized for building on land given by Sargent.[1]

School rebuilt 1832. The old building was moved down hill on S. Pleasant Street to become part of another building (site of red house on left, before Lyon Brook).

1906 - First consolidated school built in summer of 1906 for $8,891. The school was for grades 1-8.[2] The older building was sold to William M. Kidder and was used to build his home.[3]

1932 - at town meeting the voters authorized that a town high school be erected but in the mean time to be "temporarily" housed on the second floor of the Colby Hill School. It remained there until 1942 when the new school was dedicated that fall.[4]

1949 - In March the school building was dismantled, having been sold the year before to the town "by heirs of the Sargent Estate."[5]

Photos & Images

Colby Hill School

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