331 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Charter Trust Company
  • New London Center for the Arts


  • Phoenix New London Trust, 2000 (Stecker map)
  • New London Trust investment advisory offices (1978–1990s)
  • c. 1975-1988 - Serendipity Boutique (along with Beauty Shop)
  • College Sport Shop there (1941–1955) along with Beauty Shop, until c. 1978
  • Marjorie Poore, dress shop, 1940
  • Elizabeth Nichols; operator of "Betty's Beauty Shop" since June, 1930; acquires property from her mother in 1941; Betty's sister, Mary Nichols, operated "The Friendly Shop" here in 1936
  • Sevira A. Nichols, 1923–1941
  • Hattie Todd and Emma H. Bartlett, c. 1912 (Gardner still owned the building)
  • Christopher C. Gardner, 1904–1923
  • "McCutchins Homestead," 1899[1] ; house acquired by McCutchins's daughter, Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert) Blood
  • Luther McCutchins home, 1865–1896
  • 1855 deeded to Sargent's youngest child, Andrew Jackson Sargent—12 acres, including land across Main Street.
  • Ezekiel Sargent residence (c. 1835)

Building History

Built by Ezekiel Sargent (1773-1855) around 1835.
Sold by Ezekiel Sargent and second wife, Emily Adams Sargent, in February 1855 to their youngest son, Andrew Jackson Sargent (Cap'n Jack)[2] — in Civil War, returning to NL in 1865 until moving to Lawrence, KS in 1869.[3]

Luther McCutchins homestead from 1865 to 1896; still listed as McCutchin Homestead in 1899.[4] The McCutchins had one surviving child, Elizabeth, who married Dr. Robert Blood. After Luther's death, "Dr. and Mrs. Blood have occupied the McCutchins homestead as a summer residence."[5]

Christopher Gardner, the photographer who acquired the Job Seamans house in 1893[6] and E.A. Dean, also a photographer, operated a photography studio in this building by 1896: Colby Life, Feb. 28, 1896 — "C.C. Gardner and E. Dean have purchased Mr. Currier's picture saloon, have thoroughly repaired it, and will soon open to patrons."[7] In the Guide, Souvenir, Map and Real Estate Bulletin of the Central Lakes Region of New Hampshire, 1910, they are listed in the New London business directory as photographers. Gardner didn't officially buy the property from Dr. Robert Blood until July 5, 1904.[8] He owned it until his death in 1923, when it was sold by his two sons to James Brickett. Two months later Brickett sold it to Mary F. Sargent.

Hattie Todd (1863-1943), a sister of Mary Sargent, lived in the house c. 1912 along with Emma Bartlett, who was the town librarian and sister-in-law of Christopher Gardner, whose own wife, Susan E., died in 1905. According to the 1900 census, their nephew, John Brackett Bartlett (age 17), also lived in the house. Emma Bartlett assisted Gardner with his photography studio.[9] Hattie was the widow of Charles A. Todd; her sister, Mary Sargent, lived next door with her husband, Walter P. Sargent, who owned the New London Inn beginning in 1895.

Mrs. Walter P. Sargent gave the property to her only child, Sevira Alma Nichols, on October 9, 1923.[10]

Property deeded from Sevira Nichols to her daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols, on Dec, 24, 1941.[11] Betty had been operating a beauty shop here from 1930. A number of other businesses came and went in one half of the building, including Mary Nichol's "Friendly Shop" selling knitting materials, greeting cards and gifts in 1936[12] ; Marjorie Poore's Dress Shop in 1940[13] ; the College Sport Shop from 1941-1955; and Serendipity Boutique from c. 1975 to 1988 when it moved to the Shoppping Center.

Elizabeth Nichols deeded the Red House, as it was usually called, to the New London Trust Co. on October 2, 1978.[14]

Photos & Images

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