356 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Woodcrest - a residential retirement and assisted living facility


  • 1984 - Whipple House, a congregate living residence for the elderly
  • c. 1971-1984 - Sumner Woodward residence
  • 1941-197? - Dr Wm. Clough, Jr. medical office (with his fatherand brother for some of the time)
  • Whipple heirs (used as summer home)
  • Amos and Sherman Whipple
  • c. 1850 - Dr Solomon Whipple House; his widow continued to live here until 1910

Building History

Built by Dr. Solomon Whipple, c. 1850. The previous year Dr. Whipple (1820-1884) had graduated from the Woodstock Medical school in Burlington, Vt., and "began practice in New London the same year." (Lord, p. 535). In June of 1850 he married Henrietta Hersey, and this house was probably completed by that time. Mrs.Whipple lived here until her death in 1910. The Whipples had 3 sons - Ashley, Amos, and Sherman. Ashley, a doctor, died in 1880 of typhoid, but the other two had long careers in the hotel business and law, respectively. They, and Sherman's heirs, continued to come to New London and use this house, especially during the summer time. In The Highlander in 1928 we read: "The old Dr, Whipple Home was opened for a few days last week by Mrs. Dorothy Whipple Fry, a granddaughter of Dr. Whipple and daughter of Sherman Whipple. All the furnishings of the house remain intact and are just as they were when used by the late Mrs. Whipple." (August 18, 1928, p. 7).

c. 1882 - the barn of this structure was used for the livery stable of Amos Whipple, and after he moved to Boston, by his partner and successor, Charles E. Shepard. Shepard, with various other partners, continued to use the barn for his livery business until at least 1900.

In 1941 the Whipple heirs sold the property to Dr. William C. Clough, Jr. (1911-1976). The Speaker for June 12, 1941 reports, "Dr. William P. Clough, Jr. will open office at Clough homestead on July 15 and on September 1 will occupy a suite of offices being built at the Whipple Homestead." The article notes that the house was built for Dr. Solomon Whipple in 1858 and that Dr. Whipple was a distant relative of the Cloughs. It goes on to say that the main house is to be kept intact but the ell is to be torn down and a building 15' wider built in its place for the office. "Dr. Clough, Sr. and Dr. Joseph Clough will share offices with 'Dr. Bill.' The present remodelled barn which is used for a garage will be kept."

After Dr. Clough's retirement, the property was sold to Sumner and Joan Woodward, c. 1971. They used it as their residence until 1984 when they joined with architects Clinton Sheerr and Deirdre McCrystal to develop "Whipple House" as a congregate living residence for the elderly. The two couples added a porch and converted the old barn into additional living quarters. There were eleven bedrooms in all. (Argus for Feb. 1, 1984).

By 1998 house was extensively enlarged to become Woodcrest Village, a retirement and assisted living facility.

Stories & Trivia

The original house (facing Main Street) is one of only two buildings in the town listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Dr. Whipple House

Whipple House