406 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

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  • College Sports Shop (1987-1995), owned by Dana Fifield
  • College Sports Shop (1955-1987), owned by Genevieve Millar and Mary Barrett
  • Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Stimson (1910-1924) and by Mrs. Stimson alone from 1924-1955.
  • Augusta B. Crane residence (widow of Ephraim Knight) from 1878-1909
  • c. 1859 - residence of Ephraim and Augusta B. Knight

Building History

Property of Curtis Messer

c. 1859 - residence of Ephraim Knight (1817-1878) and his wife, Augusta Crane Knight (1821-1909). Ephraim was a mathematics professor and associate Principal at the New London Literary and Scientific Insitute beginning in 1853. Two of their four children lived to adulthood. The family first lived in the Nahum Greenwood house (see Main St.) (Lord, pp. 492-3 and Squires, p. 412).

1878-1909 - residence of Augusta Crane Kinght (widow of Ephraim). Summer Rest for August, 1887, p. 11, notes that Mrs. Crane "tenderly cares for her aged mother, [Betsey Buss Crane] who is still living weighted with the infirmities of 92 years." In Summer Rest for August, 1893, p. 9, we read, "The repairs on Mrs. Prof.Knight's house have made it still more cozy and comfortable. We well remember when it was built, and when the dear professor bought it, and how he loved it and all that."

1910-1924 - residence of Alfred B. and Nellie Chapman Stimson. Alfred ran the pharmacy next door from 1910 to 1924. (Squires, pp. 112 and 477). Mrs. Stimson lived here alone until 1955. In 1928 she added a veranda and extra room and "many other improvements. Mrs. Stimson intends to make this a year around home. Mr. Chapman, her father, better known as 'Chappie" will make his home with her;" (The Highlander, August 18, 1928). In 1934, Mrs. Stimson rented her house to Colby Junior College for dormitory use through the school year; (New London News, Sept. 19, 1934, p. 4).

College acquired it?

September, 1955 - Gen Millar and Mary Barrett bought Mrs. Simpson's property from Colby Junior College and made it into the College Sports Shop. This was the women's third location - they were first in Mrs. Arthur Little's house on Seamans Road from 1939-1941 and then from 1941-1955 in Betty Nichol's property next to the Inn. The shop sold College blazers and other clothings for young women, later adding ski quipment. By the 1980s they were selling high quality women's clothing and holding annual fashion shows.

In 1963 Misses Millar and Barrett added on to the left side of the building. Their architect was a personal friend, Harold Gouvert, and his wife, Del, was the decorator.

In August of 1987 Gen and Mary sold the College Sports Shop to Sally and Ralph Fifield; it was managed by their daughter, Dana. In 1995 she moved the business fo 210 Main Street.

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