• 420 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Hole in the Fence Cafe


  • 19??-1991) Doug Matthewson - Crossroads of Sports
  • Donald Sieburg - Photography Studio
  • 1893 -1926 - Alfred Sargent - home and barber shop
  • 1888 - Loyal Barton purchased Adeline Everett cottage (deed actually in name of his wife, Caroline)
  • before 1888 - Adeline Everett had millinery business in this house
  • c.. 1865 - Henry Seamans there
  • 1858-59 - owned by Gage Woodward
  • 1856 -Stephen Woodward builds house or store

Building History

September 22, 1855 - John Brown sold 11 acres of his farm land to Alonzo C. Carroll (Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 127, p. 176).

October 30, 1855 - Alonzo Carroll of Sutton sold land to Stephen Woodward (Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 131, p. 200). Stephen Woodward (1822- ), "in 1856 removed to N.L. [from Sutton] " (Lord, p. 543).

1858, Gage Woodward (1809-1890),"purchased of his brother Stephen what is now the Alfred Sargent house which was originally built for a store," (Lord, p. 542).

c.1865 - Henry Seamans owned this land when Ellen F.L. Everett bought land to the south of this on March 6, 1865. (See deed described in Everett purchase).
1873 - Henry W. Seamans (1826-1876) a son of Manning, lived here, according to Oren D. Crockett (describing New London in 1873 in The Highlander for May 28, 1929, p. 11). Seamans was a jeweller.

Adeline Everett (1810- 1 ) owned the cottage - had millinery shop there

Loyal Barton of Granthan ..."in 1887 purchased the Adeline Everett cottage where he resided until he sold to Alfred G. Sargent and moved to Bradford. His wife was a Miss Mason of Hanover," (Lord, p. 572). Actually the deed from Adeline Everett in 1888, was to Caroline Barton (1/3 acre with buildings, (Merrimack Co. deeds, January 4, 1888).

April 8, 1893 - Caroline Barton to Alfred Sargent (1857-1926); Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 305, p. 58); it included 1/3 acre with buildings. Alfred Gale Sargent "Is the village barber," (Lord, p. 527). Sargent "for many years ran a barber shop in front room of his home [present Sieburg Studio." In the business listings in the 1897 Colby Guide Sargent is described as a "tonsorial artist." He married 1905 Alice J. (Collins) Chase. (Squires, p. 462). Alice, known as "Allie," continued to live in the house after Alfred's death. In 1931 she leased the front portion of the house to Miss Mary Nilsson, who sold home-made candies there in the summer; (The Highlander, June 23, 1931, p. 1). Miss Nilsson also had the shop in 1932, adding ice cream and india prints to her offerings; (New London News, July 6, 1932, p. 1).

In The Neighborhood Exchange, p. 26, footnote, it is noted that "a few years before World War I Fred W. Goings had a grocery store where the Village Studio was located in 1950."

by 1950 - Don Sieburg Photography Studio

Doug Mathewson - Crossroads of Sports (athletic clothing and equipment, and Mathewson Properties, resided New London 1967-1991, (Stecker, p. 433). ;

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