440 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use


  • c. 1874 — Parsonage of the First Baptist Church; first minister there probably Rev. Stephen C. Fletcher, there from 1874-1887 (Lord, pp. 590-591).
  • April 1874 — James H., George L., and Mary Brown, heirs of Nancy C. Brown, to First Baptist Society
  • c. 1861-1871 — acquired by James H. Brown (house painter); wife was Nancy Chase Ray Brown who died July 7, 1871, after which family moved to Concord (Lord, p. 448).
  • 1859 — House built by Andrew Kidder, (Lord, p. 491).
  • March 25, 1859 — Deed of Anthony and Eliza Colby to Andrew S. and Mary Ann Kidder, 1 acre, 140 rods, (Merrimack Co. Deeds, V. 159, p. 258).

Building History

Built in 1859 by Andrew Jackson Kidder; there was a separate barn that he probably built too.

Dec. 6, 1895 — Colby Academy Voice reports a piazza has been built onto the front of the parsonage.

Stories & Trivia

The Rev. William A. Farren and family lived in the parsonage from 1889-to c. 1899; Farren was a noted photographer, and the NL Archives has a number of his scenic views as well as family photographs.

Photos & Images


First Baptist Parsonage