452 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private residence; there is a separate apartment in the upper floor


  • Home of Miles and Debby Makishi
  • 1920 - Built for Emma Colby (1875-1967)

Building History

Emma Colby built this house in 1920; her husband, Nathaniel H. Colby, had died in 1911. They had three children between 1905-1908. Initially the family lived in "the Charles Shepard home" (now Country Houses real estate) where they had an insurance office and Mr. Colby practiced law). Emma continued the insurance business after his death and also was a realtor, living on Seamans Road. She acquired the land for this house in two pieces from the owners on each side of her - Mabel Ward to the right, and the Baptist parsonage to the left. (Interview by Mildred C. Tunis and Ade Lauridsen with Emma Colby, June 24, 1965, New London town Archives).

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