454 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private residence


  • Owned by College; called La Chaumiere and used for French program during years of Dr. Everett Woodman's Presidency (1962-1972)
  • C. 1946 - Home (and office?) of Dr. Oliver S. Hayward (1910-19?? ). Dr. Hayward practiced medicine in New London from 1937-1942, and after the war in 1946. By 1950 he was living in Sutton. (Squires, pp. 140 and 402).
  • Home and office of Dr. John L. Norris (1903-1989), probably in the 1930s when he was married to Beatrice Louise McIntire (1903-1971). Their first two children were born in New London in 1934 and 1936. Bea Norris was the niece of Mabel M. Burpee, below.
  • c. 1908-1932 - Home of Mabel McIntire Burpee and Charles Woodbury Burpee; Charles was the nephew of Rapsima Louise Burpee Fales, below. Charles Burpee died in 1911, and Mabel married Charles Howell Ward in 1931; he died in 1940 (Squires, p. 486).
  • December 30, 1908 - Louisa Fales to Mabel Burpee (same described as 1897 Fales to Hattie Todd and Hanaford to Almira Williams, July 1, 1870), Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 387-178.
  • April 22, 1897 - R. Louisa and Horatio Marshall Fales to Hattie D. Todd, 1 acre, 40 sq. rods (Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 318, p. 510). (Was this a mortgage?)
  • 1894 - Home of H. Marshall Fales (who was running store at 4 Corners) and wife, Rapsima Louisa Burpee Fales (1836-1910). They had no children. R. Louisa's sister, Martha, was also living with them for a time. In 1895 they were taking in summer boarders and called the home "Sunny Side Cottage." (Lord, p. 466).
  • 1893 - occupied by Rev. James M. Gray
  • July 1, 1870 to at least 1892 - Miss Almira Williams (1816-1893) and her mother (wife of John; died in NL 1872); Almira ran and millinery and fancy goods parlor here. (Lord, pp. 287 and 399). The deed, dated July 1, 1870 to Almira from Joseph and Betsy Hanaford of Manchester, is for one acre with buildings (Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 199, p. 124).
  • 1867 - 1870 - Joseph N. & Betsy Hanaford
  • October 1, 1867 - Deed from Sidney and Abbie J. Hanaford to Joseph N. Hanaford (Merrimack Co. deeds, V. 185, p. 575).
  • 1861-1864 - Dr. Levi Pierce "cottage" - a homeopathic physician (Lord, p. 516).

Building History

  • Built by Levi Pierce (Lord, p. 516).
  • 1870-1893 - House and millinery and fancy goods parlor of Miss Almira Williams. The property was acquired from J. N. Hanaford in July, 1870 and included 1 acre.
  • 1894 - Summer Rest for August, 1894, p. 13: "The cozy cottage opposite the meeting-house, ocupied last year by Rev. James M. Gray, has been purchased and thoroughly repaired in and out by Marshall Fales, formerly of this town but for many years a merchant in Montpelier, Vermont." New windows had been added, including a "nice bay," there were tidy out buildings, and a fresh coat of white and gold paint. Inside there was a furnace. In 1895 the Fales are taking in boarders, under the name of "Sunny Side Cottage."
  • In 1912 while Mabel Burpee was living here, the barn was struck by lightning; firemen were able to save the house (Frank Butler interview 7/21/72 - Town Archives).

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