668 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private residence


  • Josiah Brown residence (1793)

Building History

Built in 1793, this structure originally stood closer to the corner of Main Street and Seamans Road, but in 1868 it was moved about 1/3 of a mile down the street — making room for construction of the first brick academy building in 1870. (The academy burned and was later replaced by Colgate Hall .)

Stories & Trivia

The Josiah Brown house hosted the first library in New London. Organized as a society, patrons bought shares in exchange for the privilege of borrowing books from the library. The remnants of that early collection are on permanent display at Tracy Memorial Library.

The Josiah Brown House was also at one time known as Rest House. It was a residence of Mellie Colgate, very active in the Baptist Church. She opened this home in the summer months to Baptist missionaries from around the world. They came and spent a few weeks resting from their labors. It was hosted by Hattie Burpee. [Source: CSC Archives]

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Josiah Brown House