711 Main Street, New London NH

Current Use

  • Private residence


1952- James and Hilary Cleveland
1930- Dr. Mather and Susan Colgate Cleveland
1925 -Mary Colgate
1872- Stephen Messer, and later son Alvin Messer
1867- Literary and Scientific Institute of New London
1866- Stephen Messer
1858- Samuel M. Carr
1848 - Captain Samuel Carr and Nancy Greeley Carr
1820- House built by Jonathon Greeley for his son James, who died the same year at age 25

Building History

  • The farm house was called "Sunny Ridge" when it was bought from Samuel Carr in 1866
  • Alvin F. Messer and his wife Jennie Brown Messer entertained " a few favored guests each season..." at Sunny Ridge.
  • From 1867 to 1872 the property was owned by the Literary and Scientific Institute of New London.

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2010 Photo
2010 Photo

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